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name: Mick Dawes

You will be aware of the mounting disquiet amongst season ticket holders with regards to the many broken promises made last year to defend the massive hike in season ticket prices.

If I recall the club stated publicly that the prices were necessary if we were going to:-
1/. Strenghthen the playing staff to allow us to compete in Div 1.

2/. Bring about the ground improvements to bring us in line with Div 1 standards.

I for one was taken in, feeling that the price hike would be warranted. I desperately wanted to see the club move forward and paid out nearly £600 for myself and seventeen year old son's seats.

There is no need to dwell on the fact that on both counts the club failed to deliver those promises, despite record season ticket sales exceeding 1m pounds.

In this years season ticket renewal letter the club talk of arrangements for those displaced from their seats WHEN the new stand is built. Mr Henson has subsequently stated that the building of a new stand is now in doubt because of the ITV Digital fiasco.

Lets look at the situation. How many organisations can sell a product without being totally up front about what they were going to give for your money? It seems RUFC think that they can without risking angering or worse still losing their hardcore customer base.

In my humble opinion I believe RUST should step in and ask the club to release a statement declaring what their intentions are regarding ground developments and player recruitment. No ifs no maybes just plain statement of intent. It needs to be explained that the club risk losing revenue if this dosen't happen. Clearly action needs to be taken and a response given before the deadline for season ticket renewal passes, the last day in July. RUST would need to release a press statement advising supporters that they had requested this.

I firmly believe that such a request could not be deemed unreasonable by the club, after all asking what am I getting for my money isn't unreasonable is it? Secondly the doubters out there and the Booth out campaigners may well see this as being positive action by RUST and thus help in boosting membership.


This has been passed on to Trevor Smallwood. We'll let you know what he says.

A Letter from a RUST member

Just a message to say thanks to all of you who are involved in RUST.

I attended your meeting at the calrton park on monday and thought it was a
great success.

I feel i must support your continued efforts and extreme hard work and
committment to the millers and thank you for what i think was a constructive

it was great to finally hear someone off the board talk about the FUTURE at
Millmoor, and that is thanks to yourselfs. Lets all keep our fingers crossed
that mr Smallwoods efforts are not wasted and in the near furture we see
some thing exciting happening off the field, as we have on,in the last few

the meetings success i felt was threatened by just a small number of people.
off cause they have a right, as all of us do to an opinion, however
expressing such in an inconstructive manner at such a well organised meeting
which on the whole was about the future of rotherham was stupid what must MR Smallwood have thought? this 'mr booth out' matter could have got out of hand, however once again the 'top-table' guests incluing your selves delt with the 'problem'
effectively. thank-you for that.

on behalf of of myself julie wagstaff and 3 other members (Andrew Muff,
Daniel and Keith Hodgkinson) OF rust thankyou for all your hard work, time
and commitment too OUR FOOTBALL CLUB,

up the millers

julie xx

NAME - Mick Dawes

I have already aired this issue on the millers rivals site and wondered if it might be somthing RUST could take up with the club.

You will be aware that as a season ticket holder I have some priority for obtaining match tickets for away games. Couldn't the club make some effort to ensure that the seats they allocate to us are of as good a standard as possible from those available to us?

It appears that you have to take pot luck. A prime example of this was at Hillsborough on "Barker 90's" day when despite obtaining my tickets on the first day they were available I was sat 4 seats in from the end of a row with a view down the left hand touch line. To compound that I got wet through from rain/snow driving in to the stand.

Surely it's not too much to ask for the club to look after season ticket holders a little better. Or am I being niave thinking that Mr Henson et al might even give it a thought?

RUST- We'll ask the club in our next meeting, although the club may not know the layout of the ground/better seats etc.