Unabridged Programme Notes from Notts County match
Posted by Steve Exley on April 12 2009 17:33:45
For those who didn't attend the match, or did and didn't buy a programme, or did and did buy a programme, enclosed are the notes as written.  The notes reflect my personal opinion and are not necessarily those of the Trust or other Trust Board members. 

Extended News
It doesn’t seem like two minutes since we all gathered here in August to take in our first League match at DVS.  But now the end of another season approaches and we can all look forward to several weeks of collective bottom scratching wondering what to do with our Saturday afternoons.  Visits to Garden Centres, lists of jobs to ignore, lazy days snoozing in front of the cricket……I’m not surprised that we all want RUFC to survive and grow!! 

It’s been a long hard season for us all, but I think it’s safe to say that it’s been an enormous success given the cards dealt to us in August.  I make no apologies for once again drawing a parallel with this time last year when we were a month into our spell in Administration and to all intents and purposes endless visits to the Garden Centre were certainly becoming a distinct possibility.  Our Administrator was getting together as many bids as he could find, rumours were rife about Russians, Irishmen and ex Board members, and we the fans were doing our best to mobilise as much interest as we could (all against a background of our former Chairman yet again threatening to take the club to Court over the infamous Hospitality Package!).  Little did we know that it was going to take another 4 months for us to come out of the darkness clutching our Football League share, and all massively relieved that the season could now start and we the fans could start concentrating on what we do best – drinking and watching football!!  

We’re certainly in calmer waters nowadays, and the fact that despite our 17 point deduction we have managed to get to league safety with 8 games to go, speaks volumes for the huge effort that must have gone into this marvellous achievement from Robbo, Breck, the players, the staff, the fans, Tony Stewart and everyone else concerned.  Thanks to everyone!  We’ve done so well that the Media seems to have forgotten that we were deducted points, preferring instead to concentrate on their Southern based chums in Luton and Bournemouth.  But if that’s the price to pay then so be it.  As I write we would be 3rd without a deduction (briefly drawing a veil over last night’s insipid match at Barnet), and with 6 games in hand who knows what would have happened?  This must indeed be our motivation for the remaining 6 games, especially given the ongoing ‘saga’ at Southampton and the Football League.  

I find it incredulous that the FL can procrastinate over this situation, particularly when you consider that part of Luton’s points deduction was related to the relationship between the Football Club and it’s Holding Company.  The FL announced yesterday that it was to commission an ‘Independent Inquiry into Southampton’s Finances’ before deciding whether or not a 10 point deduction would be appropriate!!  This further highlights the situation the Football League has created for itself.  Instead of putting measures in place that would pro-actively ‘help’ and encourage clubs to manage themselves better with a view to averting any future possibility of financial difficulty, the Football League staggers from one set of circumstances to another, tailoring punishments at it’s own discretion.  I can well imagine what would have happened if Rotherham United’s Holding Company (if it ever had one!) had gone into Administration……?? 

I have absolutely no axe to grind with Southampton FC or it’s fans, (and I for one sincerely hope that a buyer is found very soon), but all we ask as fans that have had to endure two recent bouts of financial difficulties, is a modicum of fairness from Mr Mawhinney and his colleagues at the Football League!!