It's crossroad time for the Millers and time for the club to draw everything together and make some positive moves now in the light of the last few days.

"…..the club has now been taken as far as it can be….??" Don’t agree at all, we believe RUFC is closer to real progress than at any time in its history, but the club must make the leap of faith we have all seen flicker occasionally in the background NOW.

Recent events have highlighted the things which really could be addressed, and on which work has been done already..….6096 v Gillingham, a top flight division one game…frustrating for us all not least the manager. Everyone needs to see how this could change. We urge the club to announce the new stand plans this week, ideally with some idea of how the whole ground could look in 3 years time….

Result ? more confidence in future plans for fans and club staff, potential for a solid revenue stream from new facilities, and almost certainly when built a boost to attendance and everything that means. We know for sure that many are put off coming to Millmoor because of the lack of facilities and comfort that new supporters now expect, and a new stand will bring in more families and others looking for a better matchday experience off the field. Timing though is vital as obtaining planning permission and lead in time means action is needed NOW to be ready for next season.

One for next season, but the other thing contributing to the 6096 is ticket pricing and policies which could be so much more orientated towards filling the ground…for some supporters and their friends, no matter how great the entertainment on offer on the field, the whole family just can’t afford to come anymore. The club must match what it offers to its supporter profile. In our view just as much revenue would be generated with lower prices but more people paying them, possibly even more money would come in when you look at other sales on matchday.

Lastly, we feel the club really must look again at the opportunities which have been considered to bring more investment in… one has ever asked for ridiculous sums to be found or huge debts incurred, but the sensible levels of investment we need are possible…Rotherham United is too important for these partnerships, in place at most other clubs these days, not to be taken up. There would be no better time than now to give very serious consideration to putting something together, …so we again urge the club to think of the current situation and ACT NOW. Also good timing now especially as the playing field is more even with many other clubs at our level suffering much more than RUFC from TV losses, so for us a little would mean a great deal when other clubs are looking for massive amounts just to stay alive…..

We believe there is no real reason at all why the Millers shouldn’t be able to make a realistic push for the top division like Bradford and Barnsley did….the only reason that what many see as “bigger” clubs get bigger crowds is because they’ve been there in the past and been able to build their supporter base there, which has more or less stayed ( though now dwindling slowly…) WE WANT THAT CHANCE to do the same and our supporter base would expand in the same way.

Our appeal to Ronnie is simple…take us there, not someone else but take the club you love there for which your contract gives you time, then the Everton job will be up again and you’ll be a natural for it while we move on with someone else. Though not always the case in the past, “opportunities” in football do come up all the time, more than most professions in the shape of several at least every year…..take the time you've got here and give the squad you’ve built the chance to do it with you and to be honest there can't be any bigger ambition in football.

So, we urge the club, please MAKE AN EARLY ANNOUNCEMENT on the stand and ground, start moving NOW towards a new partnership to invest in the club, and pledge to look seriously at cheaper ticketing to attract especially families next season.

And Ronnie, stick with it, lets go there together.


PRESS RELEASE 12th October 2002

Statement on behalf of
Rotherham United Supporters Trust & Rotherham United Supporters Club

In light of the current speculation linking our manager, Ronnie Moore to Sheffield Wednesday and Ipswich Town, we felt it crucial that on behalf of our members and the fans of Rotherham United the following points be made.

Ronnie Moore is doing a wonderful job at the club and we wish to see him and his staff stay at Millmoor for the foreseeable future. His strong connection with the Millers have lasted over 20 years and is hero-worshipped at Millmoor. Rotherham United have given and continue to give him the time and opportunity to develop a hard working, skilful and committed team, at a time when many clubs demand instant success and sack managers within a season.

We recognise Ronnie’s ambitions to manage at the highest level and we believe that in the changing world of football, Premiership football is a distinct possibility at Rotherham United for the following reasons: -

  • The club is in a better financial position that most – i.e. wages are not being cut, debts are low, we are not under pressure to sell players and unlike many other clubs in our division we are not on the verge of administration. Other clubs may offer better salaries but will they be able to meet their contracts?
  • The club, in partnership with its fans is starting to move forward, looking at plans for a better stadium.
  • We are in a superb position in the division, with a hard working and committed squad of players and staff.

Rotherham United is on the up and we the fans pledge to go with them.

We ask the Board to make Ronnie’s decision easier by extending his contract and keeping him at Millmoor. Ronnie you are a Miller and long may that remain!


Dear Mr Booth,

16 years ago you were the saviour of Rotherham United Football Club. The fans and the town have a great deal to thank you for. Not least for keeping the club afloat over the years and your contribution to our recent success.

16 years on and you are in grave danger of presiding over the death of the club - surely, for all the work, time, effort and money you have put into the club, you do not want to be remembered for one error of misjudgement that eradicates all the good things you have done?

Ronnie Moore and John Breckin have and are working absolute miracles on the playing side. We are sure that their magic wands will very soon be in short supply, as one lucrative offer after another comes in for them, we all know this time they will leave. It is clear that, not only do we have one of the best management teams in the history of the club, we have some fine players also. Our illustrious management team, which has provided a solid foundation for the development of RUFC on the pitch, has built a structure on the playing side that lends itself to continued improvement - the reality seems to be that this ambition is neither matched nor forthcoming off the pitch.

It is now vital that this success is built upon. We have the formula at the club for sustained success over the long term, both in the development of the team and enhancement of revenues into the club - which will benefit both RUFC and yourself. Similarly there has been a steady increase in support of the club by fans, and with continued success and development, this would continue to grow and thrive.

Every Rotherham United fan is proud of the loyalty and support we provide to the club, particularly when you consider that there are clubs with far better facilities and ambitions very close by. All we want is to continue supporting the club we have an emotional attachment to and know that our simple wishes are being met in terms of ground improvements, good facilities and a good team to entertain us.

RUFC fans are realistic and ambitious. We deserve to have some payback for our consistent loyalty and support - otherwise not only will you lose a fantastic management team and playing staff, but more importantly, you are likely to lose any ounce of respect and reputation that you have obviously worked so hard to build - and not just in terms of the club but within the wider Rotherham community!

But we beg of you please, please accept the help that people are offering and take the opportunity to step aside NOW and allow the new direction to take place.

We all love Rotherham United, please join with the plans that can develop the club into something which rivals even our biggest neighbours....Rotherham deserves it and the foundations you have laid deserve it.. PLEASE help to realise our hopes by accepting the progress now offered.

If your conscience can bear the backlash that will follow if Ronnie and John leave, and the club is allowed to slowly disintegrate, then good luck to you.


RUST, like all Rotherham United fans, have become very concerned over the virtual certainty of Ronnie Moore and John Breckin leaving at the end of the season. We are also increasingly frustrated that our ground is not only the worst in our Division, but one of the worst in the entire Football League. Moreover there are no indications that things within the Club will change regarding Ronnie and John, investment in new players or ground development. We are extremely worried about next season.

We are also aware that our new director, Trevor Smallwood, has recently completed a comprehensive business plan for the development of the Club. We had a very fruitful and frank meeting with him last saturday and we know that he has put this plan, and the offer of a cash injection, to the Chairman. We sincerely hope that Mr. Booth will accept this plan, but we are really pessimistic about him doing so.

If he does not, we all know what the result will be. No management team, no investment in new players, no ground development, and certain relegation, if not this season, then certainly next.If you share our worries, then write to the Chairman, Email us at , visit us on the forecourt before Saturday's game or telephone us on Football Heaven on Radio Sheffield on Friday night 6 til 7pm.

We really feel it is not overdramatising the situation to say that the future of Rotherham United will be decided in the next two weeks. We are at a crossroads, one road will lead us on to a much brighter future, the other road could lead us to oblivion.