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RUST Ramblings 31st July 2002 Issue 4


Welcome to the latest round of gossip, opinions and just plain rumours from Rotherhams number one fan in the wilds of Lincolnshire.

Firstly, Millers World, our clubs very own venture into the world of subscription Internet access. I must confess that I havent taken out a subscription, as Im not all that sure that my computer is capable of running it! Having said that, Ive received quite a bit of feedback about the site, and comments have been mixed. A number of exiled Millers, primarily in the States and in Australia have told me that they are reasonably pleased with it although most of the interviews are repetitive and the content is a little shallow at present. However, as we havent yet started the new season, they fully expect things to improve on that score. Feedback from Millers that have signed up at home is decidedly mixed with many of you saying that the sound quality isnt all that brilliant. Many of you complain that the news content offers nothing that isnt available by keeping tabs on the ordinary official site and other media outlets, such as teletext. Keep the feedback coming on this particular subject, Im not sure how many subscribers there are but I suspect that the numbers are very small.

Changing the subject, Chris Sedgwick has finally signed an extension to his contract. That can only be good news for all Millers fans. Hes a quality player that will improve and even if he was tempted to try his luck in a higher division, we would receive a substantial fee, so the club cant really lose. Quality players, particularly in our squad are few and far between and at least we have secured one of them for a few seasons at least.

On the subject of quality players, Im beginning to despair that we wont make a single signing before the big kick-off in less than two weeks time. Over the last few months, we seem to have been linked with loads of players; all for one reason or another have ended up with other clubs or are still out of work. The latest names to be linked with Rotherham are Marcus Hall and Lee Sharpe. Hall is likely to be well out of our wage bracket and I think that we can forget about him. On the other hand, Sharpe is an ageing has been in my opinion and would offer nothing new to our team. Ive seen him perform on a number of occasions for Bradford City and he hasnt impressed at all. He was offered a trial at Grimsby but left after just one day, apparently the Mariners manager, Paul Groves, wasnt impressed and he wanted loads a money! On that score, I doubt whether he would come to Millmoor anyway.

Just recently, Ive heard a whisper that Paul Okon, the former, Watford and Middlesbrough Aussie is interesting Ronnie. He would be a great acquisition but can we afford him?

Talking of Aussies, we have a new trialist at Millmoor this week. A certain Paul Reid, who hails from Wollongong Wolves, is a midfielder that has been receiving rave revues down under. He is twenty-two years old and has played 93 times for the Aussie club. His favourite team is Liverpool and his favourite player is Harry Kewell. He has scored 13 goals for the Wolves and has a burning ambition to play overseas, so he has at least achieved that, providing Ronnie gives him a go. Why he has picked the Millers is anybodys guess maybe its to play near Harry or maybe hes heard about Gallianos, the Italian restaurant at Wickersley. His favourite food is spaghetti bolognese! Lets hope that he resembles Kewell on the playing field!

On the playing side, its been a mixed week for the team. A win at Boston was followed by an awful performance at Southport. I went to Boston after all and in sweltering heat, I thought that we played quite well, although it has to be said that Boston were terrible. It was really unusual to be standing side by side with the home supporters and both my other half and I enjoyed the day. Boston will struggle to survive unless they improve. Saying that, Southport are probably saying the same thing about the Millers. I didnt go to the game but apparently we had most of our first team on show and never looked capable of scoring. These are only warm up matches and its difficult to assess what will happen when the season begins. One thing that Im absolutely certain about is we must strengthen the squad or well struggle.

Our final friendly is on Saturday at home to mighty Shrewsbury Town. A peculiar choice of opponents this one. Two divisions lower than us and with nothing to lose, they will provide difficult opposition. What happened to all that talk about arranging a game against quality opposition? With all due respect, the Shrews are hardly quality and we have everything to lose and nothing, not even a decent gate, to gain!

Away from Millmoor, what about the goings on at Bradford City? They played Hull City in a warm up game last night and the entire first team squad refused to play. A side made up of trialists and juniors were well beaten 3-0 despite Nicky Laws call for a performance that might win contracts. If any of you are looking for three teams to finish below us next season, look no further than the Bantams for at least one of them. They are in total disarray and might not even start the new season, creditors might just pull the plug after an extraordinary meeting called this Thursday!

Finally for this week, I see that the spectre of the two Scottish giants Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers are again making noises about joining the Nationwide first division. The other ten SPL clubs in Scotland are expected to announce their resignation from the league and set up their own division, excluding the big two. Its no secret that Glasgows two want to play in the premiership but will have to start in our division. This will be a blow for all first division sides as it will probably mean five relegated to division two in the first season. Although the idea of Rangers and Celtic playing against the Millers at Millmoor is mouth watering, do we really want a situation where five teams might be relegated to the lower leagues to accommodate them?

With just ten days remaining before the big kick-off, the new prediction league will be announced and soon, keep looking at the RUST site for details.

Thats all for now folks, keep the feedback coming,
Cheers for now,
Chris S


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