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A Tale of Woe in Deepest Kent!
· chris_saxon on November 17 2008 11:31:09


There's something about the Kent air that doesn't agree with us. After the euphoria of our recent cup exploits, it was back to earth with a resounding thump at the Priestfield Stadium home of Gillingham at the weekend.

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Mark Halsey Rules Britannia
· chris_saxon on November 13 2008 16:19:23

Maybe like most others, today feels very much like after the Lord Mayor's Parade, as I am sure I am not the only one that thought we could go to Stoke and get a result. Maybe its more a case of all good things come to an end. Back when the draw was made there was a feeling of disappointment that we had neither landed one of the big boys or a home draw, or both. And for me all those things rolled in to last nights game.

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Pablo is back!
· chris_saxon on November 05 2008 10:08:16


Another wonderful evening at the Don Valley leaves us just three games away from another trip to Wembley thanks to a magnificent Captain’s performance by Pablo Mills.

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Tally Ho! Here come the Foxes!
· chris_saxon on November 03 2008 16:14:55

I suppose that a review of the season so far would almost certainly conclude that we had exceeded expectations. After all when was the last time we were still involved in all competitions come early November and had earned massive media attention after our exploits in the league?

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· chris_saxon on November 03 2008 16:04:18


I’ve finally found a cure for my insomnia, all I have to do is keep on visiting Don Valley and I’m cured for life!

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· Steve Exley on October 29 2008 17:41:00

Let's make no bones about this, it was rubbish.  Or as Robbo put it.....a NOTHING game.  Shame we didn't get in for nothing!!  At least Hugh Vaughan found enough about the game to write about it.....!!!

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Up the Table we will go!
· chris_saxon on October 26 2008 11:30:04

A trip to Macclesfield on a cold and wet October day may be a strange choice for someone's first ever away trip, but my sisters 11 year old lad has become more interested in the Millers this season after his dad bought him a season ticket for DVS.

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The best game for a long while!
· chris_saxon on October 22 2008 20:51:09

A night away that will remain memorable for a very long while: maybe it was the spontaneous. "Let's just go" after the debacle of Barnet on Saturday, and walking out feeling aggrieved at 4-1. Maybe it was forgetting the directions and seeing more of Bury than anyone really wants to. But overall the football was pretty standout too!!

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· chris_saxon on October 20 2008 11:06:08


For the first time this season, Mark Robins and his team have questions to be answered after a quite bizarre afternoon at Don Valley.

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Miller Trust Programme Notes for Barnet Game Sat 18th October, 2008
· chris_saxon on October 17 2008 10:47:28

I wasn't sure whether to start this weeks Millers Trust page with “all football fans are a fickle bunch” (allegedly) or “a weeks a long time in politics” (and football). OK so I have added the bits in brackets afterwards, but it was a case of adapting these sayings for these notes !

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You’re not Famous Anymore!
· chris_saxon on October 10 2008 11:29:32

That was the chant on another glorious evening at the DVS and even the Leeds fans joined in, it was that sort of night.

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dusty 76
31/05/2008 20:27
been told by a good source that we will be on -15 points at the start of the season

30/05/2008 00:06
inue to accept him as a fan ! Don Valley here we come !!

30/05/2008 00:04
can someone please confirm that all "perks" enjoyed by the Booths will now cease and there isn't a hidden clause somewhere giving him tickets for life or some other reason we should cont

03/05/2008 10:46
please tell me when we are so sad at the prospect of leaving millmoor,mr booth won't be sitting in the main stand today taking everything and giving nothing - what a selfish family!

26/04/2008 19:51
As a Mansfield fan I want to say a big thanks for your show of support for us in our battle with Keith Haslam our beloved owner. Your banners did not go unnoticed. After the match today 2 men broke in

22/04/2008 19:31
ron hull met with mike cuff chief ex of council yesteray

21/04/2008 11:15
There will be a posting on this site very soon regarding all your wonderful contributions.

21/04/2008 08:50
Hi guys. I just wanted to thank and congratulate the officials from the Millers Trust for their efforts in stepping up the fundraising activities on Saturday. It was noticeable, both in the suite and

12/04/2008 14:05
Is the Trust event private or open to the public?

11/04/2008 12:16
Trust Development Event When: 20 April 2008 Where: Great Victoria Hotel, Bridge Street, Bradford http://www.supporters-dir

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