MISSION STATEMENT: Rotherham United Supporters Trust will give its members part ownership, financial, intellectual and emotional involvement, in Rotherham United Football Club through a structured, legal and accepted body.

Our Objectives:

§ To create a close working partnership with RUFC, it's supporters and the local community, to ensure the views of the supporters and local community are represented fully in the ongoing running of the club.

§ To promote the full, accountable, democratic and constructive involvement of supporters in the running and direction of the club, including the principle of supporter representation on the board of RUFC.

§ To assist the club in promoting support for RUFC, and to encourage new support especially of young people and families.

§ To assist RUFC in any way agreed by Trust membership including financially, in kind, and in developing partnerships to further the interests of RUFC.

§ To develop links with the supporters of other clubs in furthering the enjoyment of the game for fans of all ages.

RUST is seeking support from three main groups, which are:
§ Rotherham United Supporters.
§ Rotherham United Football Club.
§ Local Business People.

Our commitment first and foremost is to the supporters. Our pledge to them is to ensure that their views are heard within RUFC, and that they are acted upon in a reasonable and realistic manner. In order for this to happen, it is imperative that RUST not only has the backing and support of RUFC, but can create and maintain a reasonable dialogue in the long term.

The second commitment of the Trust is to raise funds to assist the club in areas such as; ground improvements, new player signings and player salaries. Although the financial side of football is extremely important, it is also of paramount importance that we can provide assistance to the club in other areas, as stated in our objectives.

In summary, effective communication between all parties is essential to both achieving the objectives of RUST and to assist in achieving the long-term objectives of RUFC. We are dedicated to working with both the fans and the club for mutual benefit.