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PRESS RELEASE - 14th August 2003

At RUST (Rotherham United Supporters Trust) we are very disappointed at the sale of Alan Lee to Cardiff City. We are sure that all Rotherham Utd fans want to thank Alan for his time at the club, particularly that unforgettable goal against Brentford which secured our promotion to the First Division.

We will certainly be expecting a significant chunk of his transfer money to be given to Ronnie Moore to help in finding an equal replacement to Alan Lee. We all know and appreciate Ronnie's talent in finding footballing talent at minimal cost and we are confident that this can happen again, providing he is given appropriate support by the board.


Latest on the Heritage and Learning Centre

Thanks to everyone who signed the paper supporting the heritage centre ( if you didn’t get chance and would like to online, click here)..the latest basic layout is as per the plan shown at the forum, and here it is for those who didn't make it. If the heritage lottery bid is successful there will be a café, interactive heritage area, it and learning suite, exhibition space, community meeting rooms , toilets and offices, all accessible and easily seen from the main foyer/reception area of the main stand.

Here's how it all stacks up……….( précis of a report given to a recent meeting at the boro council….)

Rotherham United FC play a large part in the lives of the their supporters, they act as a focal point for community activity, but at present have little to offer most supporters at the ground outside matchday.

Rotherham United Supporters Trust (RUST) in conjunction with Rotherham United FC intend to change this and make sure that Rotherham United's new stand has something to offer back to the community and supporters.

Present Position

Pilot activities are starting to have an impact on the programme offered at Millmoor and are catering for the community through several successful projects.

  • The recent family learning day took seven families behind the scenes before the football match to meet the players and learn in a non-classroom environment. (feedback will appear on here shortly)
  • The club opened up the community stand free of charge to local children at the recent Rotherham United V Wimbledon United game.
  • RUST promote and sponsor grass roots football through the Communities United programme.
  • Youth Development manage the School of Excellence programme.
  • Football in the Community play a key role in offering services to children in the Rotherham area.

The Heritage Education Centre

The project aims to promote heritage and education to people living in the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough and South Yorkshire area, by taking heritage out to the people and opening history to a new audience. While the history of Rotherham United is not as well known as some of the better known clubs, the club’s history is fascinating and in depth. The heritage of the site before the club existed, past players and board-room politics, all make up part of the varied and vital heritage of Rotherham United.

The New Heritage Education Site would allow approximately 7000sq ft of the new stand to be turned over to community ownership via RUST, which would be used to display and research the heritage of Rotherham United and it's supporters. The centre would be opened free of charge to children and at a small cost to adults to support sustainability. The centre would provide heritage displays, interactive features, educational activities for all ages, IT facilities and family learning experiences. The focus for the centre is to open heritage and education to a wider audience and hard to reach individuals, promoting social inclusion, basic skills, heritage, returning to learning and football to the people of the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough.


Rotherham United has the potential to be the hub of community activity in the area and provide extensive services for the people of the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough. The redevelopment of the ground is an ideal opportunity to address the community’s needs and create an inclusive and welcoming environment. RUST is currently in the process of applying for money from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). This money will help to provide a sustainable future for the project and employment opportunities in the area.

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AGM Transcript

You can now hear the recording of the first part of Mondays AGM.

It lasts 1hr 15 mins and is 5.8meg in size and will play in windows media player.

Sorry for the sound quality in places but the main parts are there.


Directors Report - Season Tickets

RUST has been involved with season ticket discussions and the RUST/RUFC survey has been used in the meetings I've had to go through it's not perfect but not too bad an outcome and here's my take on it...

The survey generally came up with most people fairly happy with adult prices but less happy with juniors ( 64% satisfied with adults, 51% satisfied or unsure about juniors) anyway the principle we took forward was to make it easier for youngsters to go and to get in new young supporters, while also making renewals fair and encouraging as many as possible to get season tickets.

Although in fact the survey didn't turn up huge dissatisfaction with junior prices it seemed it was time new and existing young supporters were featured this year.

So increases across the board were kept low at £10 (and £20 wasn't persued) Following that, the junior millers club is an attempt to start to pin down the cost for kids and also to get new young fans in with their families. Its not all embracing, and up to 12 is a bit arbitrary, but it does mean the prices for existing and potentially new young fans can be pushed down...if it had gone up to 16 the price for everyone up to 16 would have been more than the junior millers offer….admittedly cheaper than proposed for 13 to 16, but not getting to the £3.50 a game level for u12 which is available now. Not ideal for the remaining juvenile band but even as proposed now 13-16's earlybirds still get in for around £5.90 a game for the enclosure or tiv, and get 8 matches free compared to matchday. The junior millers club can get 13 games free against match day cost which is pretty good, though its true that if you have 13 -16 yr olds the new saving has gone to younger kids this time. Where do you draw the line?………everyone will draw it differently.

If under 10's had been it maybe £2 a game could have been possible for them, but is that going too far down...under 8's who knows but you've got to start somewhere. It would have been good to get everyone under 16 at the lower level but having two bands for kids does allow it to be kept low at the bottom end. I suppose in negotiation it resulted in two out of three in keeping overall increases to a minimum, and good reductions for a good proportion of kids.

Its worth remembering though that, whilst keeping to the principle of fair prices is a good one overall which RUST will always put forward, by far the biggest expenditure of the club is on players wages, and this as well as gate receipts through the year is what pays them... so we'd all like to watch for less but if we do we'll be watching cheaper and lower quality players, and be less able to offer the wages needed to improve the squad. The difficult balance to achieve for all clubs is to make enough for a good and improving squad while keeping prices fair for supporters.

Apologies from me that 13-16s didn't come down, hopefully the current proposal is a start in recognising the importance of young fans and if season tickets go well this time other reductions can be looked at next season. As much feedback as poss would be good so let us know what you think on the info line and we can go through it all at the next forum as anyone wants.


Chris D

New Stand - Pictures

RUST members saw these on Monday night at the Fans Forum.

RUST will keep you informed of any developments.

Letter from Mark Edgell leader of RMBC.

Following recent reports in the press RUST has contacted Cllr Edgell and he confirmed ..

"As you will no doubt be aware, I share the views of many locals that Rotherham deserves a better football and rugby stadium. Rotherham United and Rotherham Rugby Club have done a lot for the town. Ronnie Moore has achieved so much with United and the Rugby Team go from strength to strength "

he went on to say........

"Whilst it is true to say that there are some Councils who help to provide grounds, they are where the Council concerned already owns the previous ground or has some other financial interest in the site. This allows them to borrow on the basis of that ownership or to invest based on the value of that asset. In Rotherham Council’s case, we have no such asset."

RUST queried the financial position....

"We are not sitting on a pile of spare cash. But each time I have also made it clear that we may be in a position to help in some other way - provided the community can benefit in return.But there is also a role for the Rotherham United Board to demonstrate the same ambition that I have for investing in the success of the town. There is also a need for Rotherham United fans and Rotherham Rugby fans to turn up in greater numbers and so ensure there is more entrance money to invest."

finally the council leader added.......

"I would welcome the opportunity to let your members know that Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, and myself in particular are keen to see this matter resolved. If your members do have any suggestions as to how I can help further, perhaps you could arrange to send me their collective thoughts.I certainly will seek to continue to push and encourage the club to work with us to find a future facility befitting the town and clubs."

RUST will be continuing to build up and develop the partnership between the club and the Borough Council, further meetings are planned especially now the details of the state of the art new stand have been released. The trust will be looking to see how various community facilities can be incorporated including a heritage and learning centre and indoor training and multi sports hall.

In the meantime and as more information emerges let us know what you think either directly or via the survey...ideas will be collated and passed on.


Click here to download a copy


Passion & Pies

A narrative of 2001/2002 season by Chris Saxon

As many of you are aware, on Monday 24th February 2003 at the Carlton Park Hotel, my book, "Passion and Pies" will be formally launched at the RUST Forum.

Published with the assistance of both the club fanzine and RUST and illustrated with cartoons by Blist, the publication has a real supporters flavour. In addition, Brian Chapple of BBC Radio Sheffield has kindly written a foreword.

If any of you wish to reserve a copy please advise me asap as the numbers available are limited. The cost will be £5.99 + p&p (£2.00 UK and £3.50 Europe and Overseas). Please make all cheques payable to "Moulin Rouge" and for those of you overseas, please make payment by International Money Order in Sterling also payable to "Moulin Rouge". All payments should be sent to:

30,Westgate Road,
Belton, Near Doncaster,
S Yorkshire,

All profits are being divided equally between RUST and the fanzine, Moulin Rouge. The book will be available at 2 retail outlets in Rotherham, "Get 7" situated on the forecourt of Millmoor and "The Gold Den", situated in the town centre at the Riverside Precinct, near Tesco's bridge.

If you require any further details, please contact me.

Many thanks for your support,

Kind Regards

Chris Saxon


Our next Fans Forum is just a week away.

It will be on Monday the 24th of Febuary starting at 7:30pm. At the usual venue of the Carlton Park Hotel on Moorgate, ROTHERHAM.

Our special guest speaker will be Ronnie Moore.. For the first time it’s a members only evening (though fans can join on the night) and features Ronnie Moore at his first forum since the launch so it should be a great and very popular evening. That’s why it seemed best to make it members only as demand could be high. We hope to be able to explain the latest plans for the stand as well if they are available in time, and how RUST will be involved in pushing the scheme forward.

The news you will have seen about a RUST representative invited onto the club board is also exciting progress for the trust, and we'll be going through the latest and the procedures to go through with advice we've had from Supporters Direct. The RUST board has taken this advice to adopt their recommended Procedure for Election of a Director to the Club Board, and a Code of Conduct for a Supporter Director (both enclosed), and we'll explain those on the night with the usual Q and A (without taking too much time from our main guest.)

The forum will also see the launch of ‘Passion & Pies’ a book written by RUST newsletter author Chris Saxon, it is a recollection of last season’s heroics from a fans view, some of the proceeds from the book will go to RUST.

Also during the night the RUST / RUFC Fans Survey 2003 will be launched, This is something that we were asked about at our last forum and we're proud to be able to be working with the club on this project which has been very kindly sponsored by:-

  • Hallam Fm
  • Coffee Exchange
  • Mike Jolly Estates
  • The Green Dragon (kimberworth) & The Wilton
  • Ray's School of Motoring
  • John Brailsford Printers
  • Eric Twigg Foods (Suppliers of Pukka Pies to Millmoor)

People can join RUST by sending in the membership form from our website click here or on the night. Membership is £10 for adults, £7.50 for Students / OAPs and just a quid for kids (u16).

Please be early to avoid disappointment.

Overseas members can again mail thier questions in by emailing us on


The funding package for a new stand is now just about in place and the go ahead can now be given as soon as the club reaches safety in the First Division.

Indicative plans and a business plan have been submitted to the Football Foundation and we understand should get approval soon. The club have also looked at advance ticket sales to help plug the funding gap and news is expected on that within weeks.

With the help of RUST the partnership with the Borough Council is also progressing well, and single regeneration budget funding, as well as community based funding such as "Playing for Success" and lottery sources are to be incorporated into the new proposals, together with corporate sponsorship.

The new stand will be 6-7000 capacity and include spectator concourses, corporate lounges and boxes, restaurant and conference facility, supporter's bars, disabled facilities, and we think new club offices, club shop and boardroom, new changing rooms, playing for success classroom, possibly supporter and community use rooms and enhanced car parking to the outer concourse. Illustrated plans are being drafted and RUST will liaise with the club on presenting and explaining them to the fans.

A joint RUFC/RUST supporter survey is just about to come out to
canvas the views of Millers fans on all aspects of the club including the
new stand and the continued development of Millmoor, and RUST will be looking to the club to make every effort to take those views into account….so look out for the survey if you want to have your say.

In another exciting development, and in order to help with the progress of the new stand especially in respect of community development and the council partnership, RUST have been invited to take a place on the club board. RUFC hope that this will enable supporters to be more part of the club in terms of representation and with the stand as the flagship help to make the Millers the foremost community football club in the area.

RUST will also be asked to develop the liaison with our Rugby partners
especially on community development aspects, so the proposals and achievements possible for both sports are complementary.

The RUST board will be deciding on how the offer of a place on the club board will be taken forward with advice from Supporters Direct, and we'll let everyone know what the next step is.

This is all great news….. Chris Dobbs, RUST chairman says……. a great achievement and something we must take on board cautiously but with great enthusiasm….it'll be important to take one step at a time and not try running before we can walk, but we can help to bring the stand forward, and begin to create that real partnership between club and fans that we all want to see…..

From everyone at Supporters Direct, I'd like to offer our congratulations for securing board representation for Millers' fans.

For decades now supporters around the country, at clubs large and small, have been denied a voice and treated poorly. But people involved in football are now coming to realise that fans can and will play a responsible role in the running of their clubs. RUST is at the forefront of that movement. I hope it will continue to be so and give inspiration not only to the fans that they represent, but also other Supporters' Trusts around the country.

Brian Lomax, Managing Director
Supporters Direct

Jo Bott (RUST Board Member) - Today is the beginning of a new chapter, not just for RUST but for Rotherham United, plans for a new state of the art stand and a fan's representative on the Board. This however is only the start! We need your support, both in encouraging new members to strengthen our position and in delivering assistance to the club to ensure the dream becomes a reality. We have an unbelievable opportunity - lets ensure we take it!

Richard Gaynor (RUST Vice Chairman) - To have the Fans represented on the board was a pipe dream, in just 2 short years the club now listen to and take seriously the normal fans like you and me. Although RUST have now acheived one of our main ambitions this is just the start of the real work. RUST Still needs YOUR support to continue the work we have started. If you have'nt joined RUST yet please join us now. A big big thank you to all RUST'ies that have belived in our views and backed us so far.

Lee Rowbotham (RUST Board Member) - This is tremendous news for fans & club alike - an opportunity to work together with the common goal of brand new main stand. With RUST also being invited to take a seat on the board this will also give fans a voice within the club. An exciting moment like this must not be missed.

We thank the club for having the vision to embrace the fans view & ideas via RUST, and RUST members for helping us get this far in such a relatively short space of time.

If you are not currently a member of RUST there has never been a better time to join, to help us move on.

Your voice is our voice.

"I'm delighted at the sudden range of developments announced through the club this week. Having had the support of both Moulin Rouge and RUST (both fan based organisations), it is evident that the RUFC supporter not only wants change to improve the club and its image within football, but is also committed to work towards that change in a positive fashion. It is to be hoped that in this world where football is a business, having the customer on the Board, party to decisions and in a place of influence, the supporter's voice will be heard. RUST have a responsibility to represent those thousands that have wanted to influence change for years. I wish them every success."

Chris Saxon (Axholme Miller)

RUST Constitution now Online

The full copy of the rules and constitution for RUST is now available online.

We are bound by these rules as an IPS (Industrial & Provident Society) which were registered on January 24th 2001

CLICK HERE to view the pdf file (1.5meg)


At the Club AGM Phil Henson asked for a meeting with RUST, here are the points discussed at our meeting:

1) Ground Development/New Stand:
An application has been sent to the football foundation and the club are waiting on a response back for approval, this should happen over the next few weeks. Simon Wood is the case officer at the Foundation.

Securitisation on external funding for the new stand is still under negotiation but should be finalised within the next few weeks.

The council are keen to get involved with the new stand development in terms of community related projects. A positive meeting has taken place with them over the last few days.

Once all the above has been achieved, Phil feels that he will have a strong case to take the plans forward.

The Rugby Club have also expressed an interest in getting involved in the new stand development as well as longer term ground development.

2) Tickets – kids for a quid/family deals
This could happen more if and/or when the new stand is built. Phil felt that season ticket holders would be unhappy at these types of schemes if they were operated regularly and is keen not to upset them. RUST stated that based on the feeling at the last fans forum, most season ticket holders would welcome it rather than be against it.

RUST suggested that the club highlights the more marginal games for these types of schemes such as Gillingham, Grimsby, Wimbledon etc. and that ideally the possibility should be planned out at the beginning of the season, with season ticket pricing all taken into account.
Phil suggested that he provide us with enough tickets to fill the community stand for one of these marginal games and has asked RUST to go back to him asap with ideas on how we would operate and ensure the success of a scheme such as this. This is something that RUST are currently working on and will release full details of a scheme once an agreement has been reached with Phil.

3) RUST/Club Survey
RUST’s idea was to create and carry out the very first and most comprehensive survey of all Rotherham United fans relating to all aspects of the club including tickets, club shop, refreshments and future developments/progress.

Phil was concerned that a survey such as this was a PR exercise only and would provide little benefit to the club, indeed there was some hesitancy in working with us at first. Phil did agree that a survey such as this would be of significant benefit to the club in gauging current feelings and needs of fans as well as reinforcing the clubs ideas for future developments

Phil agreed to work with us on this project and again asked RUST to come up with a format for the survey and take it back to him. Once this has been jointly agreed between RUST and the club, full details will be announced at the earliest opportunity.

4) Sheffield United Issue:
The club went through the correct procedure. After the club studied video evidence of the incident, a written plea was put forward to the Football Association, as is the normal procedure. The club in this matter were found to be 60% culpable, reflected in the imposed fine. Phil did not want the club to incur the additional expense of making personal representation to the football league, as the evidence was not in the clubs favour. The only reason SUFC were represented was their nervousness about previous issues being unfairly linked.

The Beautiful Game Part I

What were you doing in the middle of August? If you are a footy fan you were no doubt girding your loins for a new season with that peculiar binding of optimism and apprehension that every soccer fan shares. Whether you support Arsenal or Halifax you know the feeling of dreaded anticipation. One things for certain though, I’ll bet you didn’t score a cool 200,000 for being incompetent.

Two hundred thousand pounds: Now, come on, aren’t you the slightest bit interested in a job like that? If you are why don’t you apply for the Football League’s Chief Executive position? When David Burns, the CEO in question, hosted the ITV Digital fiasco he guessed the writing was on the wall. So he met with his buddy Keith Harris, the League’s Chairman, and they agreed he should jump as long as his pal arranged to pack him a nice two hundred grand parachute. Are you following so far? The excuse was it was a year’s pay in advance including bonuses; the fact that he only had six months to go on his contract was a detail that they both dismissed as irrelevant.

It’s like Coronation Street but with an Aaron Spelling budget coz the plot thickens. It just so happened that the League Board were meeting the next day to can Burns without compensation. Instead they learned of Harris’ payoff and after a ‘stormy’ meeting the Chairman resigned. And then guess what happened? And this is the part that really burns me: Nothing. Sod all. Diddlysquat. Zilch.

The league did look into getting their (sorry an easy mistake OUR) money back but employment law experts advised them that it’d probably cost more to contest it. Me, I’d have still pursued it, but then at heart I’m a tight Tyke and I’d want to send the message out that I’m not as gullible and stupid as I look. But that’s not really what I’m getting at either. It’s us: We’re what I’m getting at. Why aren’t football fans up in arms about it? Is it because it’s only two hundred thousand? I know we’re told it’s barely enough to buy Mr. D. Beckham’s left testicle, but still. Are we so resigned to the game being run by an elite that seems at best disinterested in its roots?

As a Rotherham fan I am sick and tired of being told we have no right in the first division because of our fan base. Who died and made Stuart Hall God? I mean, dear Stuart, there were only three hundred Spartans at Thermopolis and they managed to hold the Persians off, change the face of Western Culture forever and make a box office idol of Victor Mature.

One of the reasons, and yes I know about the fools that go to Wednesday or Leeds or Meadowhall on a Saturday, but one of the reasons has to be the economy of the area. If instead of becoming entrenched in where we’re at, we use vision to see where we want to be anything is possible. For every thousand at Millmoor on a match day I believe there is the same number unemployed, underemployed or under paid who count Rotherham their team. Now if you’ve got two hundred grand going spare how about subsidizing soccer fans like these all over the country. Or unfashionable teams that give something to their local community.

I realize this isn’t the present logo of Corporate Soccer F.C. But are football fans so jaded that they accept this as business as usual? And this is just the tip of the corporate iceberg. What about Mr. Charles Koppel chairman of Wimbledon or his sidekick the aptly names Pete Winkleman? Are they franchising or not. Chucky says no, Winkie says yes and English footy fans everywhere dig their heads in the sand and wonder what the weather’s like in Australia.

To Rotherham fans I have two words: Anton Johnson. To everyone else, I offer this cautionary tale. A history if you like, take it, as you will. Take heed from the home of corporate sport: the United States of Corporations.

The Beautiful Game Part II

When I was a kid American Football came to Europe, put on a charm offensive, and for a time became the cause celebrity. American Football teams began springing up in the most unlikely of places, and I began to feel the xenophobic resentment that most testosterone filled males now feels in the U.S. when soccer is mentioned.

How I wished that soccer would get its act together and crush the heathen cultural icon. Well, European sports were still the equivalent of an eighty-five pound weakling and continued to get sand kicked in its face by Charles Atlas in shoulder pads. The sheer slickness of the American Football machine was awe-inspiring, and saw a preseason game fill Wembley Stadium. Thankfully not even American marketing could overcome a four and a half hour bore held in a stadium without a luxury box in sight.

So the novelty wore off and the invasion turned into an annual circus but soccer learnt its lesson. Quickly adopting a new corporate face and logo it sought the American way. I mean a business is a business right? Well not necessarily.

I’m not going to deal with basketball because up until the 70’s it was an American minor sport until TV saw its potential as one big commercial. The two biggies, American Football and Baseball are by far the oldest and clearest example of All-American franchise sports: And the lessons they offer couldn’t be more different.

Baseball grew from an immigrant back street game into a multi-million dollar industry and it has a viciously divided history to show for it. Race and class warfare are never far from the surface in the relationship between players and owners. In the early days the owners were brutal overlords that made the Sheriff of Nottingham look like Mother Theresa. Our present President Select was bought a role in the game of Nobles and Serfs in Texas by his mommy and daddy when they were trying to get him to give up drinking and driving and apparently being an owner is the only job he was good at.

But the beginning players have fought back leveling the playing field by basically being as nasty and mean spirited as the owners. The latest debacle was at the beginning of the present season when the Baseball Commissioner, read Owners, decided to axe the least profitable teams. Luckily local US courts came in and told them to back off for a while, if they hadn’t then this years final four would have been down to a three as the Minnesota Twins would have no longer existed. And the present World Series - ah the American hyperbole – is being played by two very unfashionable teams that don’t have the largest player payrolls. Don’t get me wrong; they’re still astronomical, just not as ludicrously astronomical as some.

But Baseball is not healthy. Kids are turned off by it. The Major Leagues are being more and more centralized into a few cities and even fewer states. For the most part players are out of touch with the fans and the Baseball Commission basically sees the fans as sheep to be fleeced regularly.

Now the NFL enjoys better labour relations but it is still very much a franchised sport. If an owner cannot bribe, beat or blackmail a new stadium every few years out of the city they’re in they may leave. Yes, that’s it, get up and go. And for those of you who support big clubs may I add there’s no safety in numbers. If the rabid Cleveland Dog Pound can lose a team, anyone can. One day you have a team and then the next you don’t – kind of like watching Sheffield Wednesday. And to corporate sport it doesn’t make franchising sense to have more than one team in a City - except perhaps in London, which may, just may, get two.

The one thing the NFL owners do have is a socialist way of dividing up the players. Yes, the prides of capitalism do plunder the lockers of the socialist dream. The system of drafting college players and using a salary cap is designed to make sure that at least once every four or five years your team will have a good season. These are serious businessmen and women who worship the dollar greenback as an affirmation of their way of life and yet they realize that sport is not just simply another business. It has a social and cultural significance that can if it is nurtured make a great deal of money for all concerned.

So what does this have to do with Rotherham United or Wimbledon or Bradford or any team or, for that matter, the football league themselves? Everything and nothing: Everything because if Chucky and Winkie get their way they are setting a precedent that others will follow; and nothing because if the football league still plays God by making it vital that teams live beyond their means, then nothing will be all we are left with. As the shambles on Wall Street proved this year, no group no matter how well meaning can be trusted to run themselves. Let’s be optimistic and say there may only be one or two bad apples, but that’s all it takes.

Go down the corporate path and one day a team WILL fail because it is expedient for it to do so, and the league will either by choice or necessity do nothing. And then hang on to your hats, the whole set of dominoes will fall. And as for me, I’ll be searching for a new sport… maybe I’ll try baseball.

©Grayhame RUST would like to thank Grayhame for this article


It's crossroad time for the Millers and time for the club to draw everything together and make some positive moves now in the light of the last few days.

"…..the club has now been taken as far as it can be….??" Don’t agree at all, we believe RUFC is closer to real progress than at any time in its history, but the club must make the leap of faith we have all seen flicker occasionally in the background NOW.

Recent events have highlighted the things which really could be addressed, and on which work has been done already..….6096 v Gillingham, a top flight division one game…frustrating for us all not least the manager. Everyone needs to see how this could change. We urge the club to announce the new stand plans this week, ideally with some idea of how the whole ground could look in 3 years time….

Result ? more confidence in future plans for fans and club staff, potential for a solid revenue stream from new facilities, and almost certainly when built a boost to attendance and everything that means. We know for sure that many are put off coming to Millmoor because of the lack of facilities and comfort that new supporters now expect, and a new stand will bring in more families and others looking for a better matchday experience off the field. Timing though is vital as obtaining planning permission and lead in time means action is needed NOW to be ready for next season.

One for next season, but the other thing contributing to the 6096 is ticket pricing and policies which could be so much more orientated towards filling the ground…for some supporters and their friends, no matter how great the entertainment on offer on the field, the whole family just can’t afford to come anymore. The club must match what it offers to its supporter profile. In our view just as much revenue would be generated with lower prices but more people paying them, possibly even more money would come in when you look at other sales on matchday.

Lastly, we feel the club really must look again at the opportunities which have been considered to bring more investment in… one has ever asked for ridiculous sums to be found or huge debts incurred, but the sensible levels of investment we need are possible…Rotherham United is too important for these partnerships, in place at most other clubs these days, not to be taken up. There would be no better time than now to give very serious consideration to putting something together, …so we again urge the club to think of the current situation and ACT NOW. Also good timing now especially as the playing field is more even with many other clubs at our level suffering much more than RUFC from TV losses, so for us a little would mean a great deal when other clubs are looking for massive amounts just to stay alive…..

We believe there is no real reason at all why the Millers shouldn’t be able to make a realistic push for the top division like Bradford and Barnsley did….the only reason that what many see as “bigger” clubs get bigger crowds is because they’ve been there in the past and been able to build their supporter base there, which has more or less stayed ( though now dwindling slowly…) WE WANT THAT CHANCE to do the same and our supporter base would expand in the same way.

Our appeal to Ronnie is simple…take us there, not someone else but take the club you love there for which your contract gives you time, then the Everton job will be up again and you’ll be a natural for it while we move on with someone else. Though not always the case in the past, “opportunities” in football do come up all the time, more than most professions in the shape of several at least every year…..take the time you've got here and give the squad you’ve built the chance to do it with you and to be honest there can't be any bigger ambition in football.

So, we urge the club, please MAKE AN EARLY ANNOUNCEMENT on the stand and ground, start moving NOW towards a new partnership to invest in the club, and pledge to look seriously at cheaper ticketing to attract especially families next season.

And Ronnie, stick with it, lets go there together.


PRESS RELEASE 12th October 2002

Statement on behalf of
Rotherham United Supporters Trust & Rotherham United Supporters Club

In light of the current speculation linking our manager, Ronnie Moore to Sheffield Wednesday and Ipswich Town, we felt it crucial that on behalf of our members and the fans of Rotherham United the following points be made.

Ronnie Moore is doing a wonderful job at the club and we wish to see him and his staff stay at Millmoor for the foreseeable future. His strong connection with the Millers have lasted over 20 years and is hero-worshipped at Millmoor. Rotherham United have given and continue to give him the time and opportunity to develop a hard working, skilful and committed team, at a time when many clubs demand instant success and sack managers within a season.

We recognise Ronnie’s ambitions to manage at the highest level and we believe that in the changing world of football, Premiership football is a distinct possibility at Rotherham United for the following reasons: -

  • The club is in a better financial position that most – i.e. wages are not being cut, debts are low, we are not under pressure to sell players and unlike many other clubs in our division we are not on the verge of administration. Other clubs may offer better salaries but will they be able to meet their contracts?
  • The club, in partnership with its fans is starting to move forward, looking at plans for a better stadium.
  • We are in a superb position in the division, with a hard working and committed squad of players and staff.

Rotherham United is on the up and we the fans pledge to go with them.

We ask the Board to make Ronnie’s decision easier by extending his contract and keeping him at Millmoor. Ronnie you are a Miller and long may that remain!

RUST @ Rotherham Show.

RUST were present at the Rotherham Show on the weekend of September 6th & 7th.

Luckily the weather held out for us and we were able to play 'Kick Branstons Teeth In!', for those that are wondering, it was a take off from SKY Sports Soccer AM game Feed The Goat.



We had over 200 people trying to kick a ball through Guy's mouth, with prizes for the winners of the two age groups.

The two winners were Cpl Mark Grundy (A Hull City fan) who won the Adult group and scored 4 out of 10. The winner for the under 16 group was Ashley Liversedge who scored 5 out of 10.

Over the weekend another 25 people signed up for RUST membership, taking our membership around the 400 mark.

RUST would like to thank BLIST for putting in the time and effort in yet another class cartoon, everybody that helped us out and of course everybody that came on the stall.



R.U.S.T. Meet Club & Council

RUST talked to the club and council last week and the stand proposals are progressing well, though the effect of TV money withdrawal has still to be assessed.

As with all in the nationwide league that will affect everything at the club, and is especially bad timing just when RUFC were pushing to establish in the first division.

Hopefully some kind of partnership or joint working can be put together with the council who are keen to see the best facilities possible happen at Millmoor for both club and the community of Rotherham as a whole.

RUST will be continuing to keep the dialogue open with everyone concerned.