These are some of our most asked questions.

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Q: Why are we called RUST?

A: It stands for the Rotherham United Supporters Trust.

Q: What do you hope to achieve?

A: The objectives are listed on the first page on this site. They are wide ranging and will go into the constitution of the IPS (trust).One aim is to invest in club shares and gain representation for fans collective views, but there are plenty of others related to creating new links to the club and encouraging support. The objectives may be changed or varied by special meeting of the membership once the trust is established. More details of how the IPS will work are in the IPS section

Q: If I contribute money to the Trust, would I own a share in RUFC Ltd?

A: No. The shares would belong to the Trust, and you would own a nominal share in the trust through your membership. The only effective way ordinary supporters could move towards having a say in the running of the club is if we pool our resources and act collectively.

Q: If I contribute money to the Trust, would I be able to get it back at any time?

A: No unless the trust winds up, then their are options we can choose as to what happens to any money outstanding, which would go into the constitution. Imagine donating to the RNLI for example, the position is similar.

Q: If I already own shares in RUFC Ltd can I pool them with the shares the Trust would own?

A: Yes that is perfectly possible.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of money I can contribute?

A: No, it's £10 a year minimum to join but we need as much as we can get! There may be specific appeals as things develop.

Q: If I contribute lots of money, do I then have more say?

A: No. The whole set up will be one member one vote. However it may be that larger investors may wish to be put forward for representation on the trust's board which is all part of the way the trust will be run.

Q: How much money does the Trust need to raise to purchase shares?

A: No particular figure has been offered, the club are waiting to see how the trust fares in its set up and backing from fans, then we will talk to the club again.

Q: Are shares available for sale?

A: Yes, in blocks of 50.

Q: Does the Trust want to take over the running of the club?

A: No. We want the board to take more account of supporters views in the way that the club is run. Far too often, fans are the last to know about issues that affect us the most. Players come and go, managers come and go, even grounds come and go, but the supporters of a club are the continuous thread that holds the club together. We are the club. If we weren't there, the club would not survive. It is time we had a voice.

Q: Would all members of the Trust be able to attend shareholders meetings?

A: No, but if we held shares the executive committee(or representatives from) of the Trust elected by the Trust's members would be able to attend the shareholders meetings. Of course, all members of the Trust would be able to attend Trust meetings.

Q: Would the fans then know everything about the running of the club?

A: Not everything. Directors are bound by rules regarding financially sensitive information. There would still be things that would need to be kept confidential, but hopefully the Trust would forge a new more open relationship with the club, where there would be much more confidence in the exchange of information

Q: What have you done so far?

A: There is a steering group of around 9 enthusiastic fans who are pushing the trust forward. We have the backing of Supporters Direct and have an individual case officer who we liaise with regularly for advice. We have held meetings every two weeks, drafted objectives, and produced the leaflet you may have seen in the club shop and around the ground at home games. You can see us outside GET 7 every home game. We have had articles published in the Star and Advertiser, interviews on Radio Sheffield. We now have over 200 members. We've held three fans forums and the launch event at MAGNA was a great success(click SO FAR to see what went on) The IPS constitution is now complete and registered, and we have completed a fans survey to canvass opinion on current issues which has been relayed to the club for action. Check LATEST NEWS section for all the up to date happenings.

Q: What do the current board of directors think to this plan?

A: We have had a meeting with the Chief Exec (Phil Henson) and the Commercial Manager(Dave Nicholls).They have given us all the permissions we have needed so far to access the ground for leafleting and putting up posters etc. They are cautious as to how we will fare, but will be looking to see how we get on with the backing of fans and our set up. Then we will talk to them again. They are being kept informed all along the way, and someone from the club has attended the fans forum and the launch.

Q: What happens next?

A: At least two of the steering group will meet solicitors working for supporters direct, and begin the process of establishing the IPS. Once this is done we will hold a big launch event, after which we'll be able to issue membership and take in the pledges already made. Then we will start to run officially, appoint a board and executive committee, set up a programme of meetings, and begin to try and achieve all our objectives!


The IPS is now in operation and fully registered&&&we hope to meet the chairman and board soon to explain all about the trust&&..... the first AGM and elections are set for May&&&................... RUST banner now finished and we are outside GET7 every daylight game&&&&&see LATEST NEWS

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