Rotherham United Supporters Trust is bringing you some special deals.

Bulldog offers the UK’s most comprehensive range of residential broadband services, at the most competitive prices.- right from our 512kbps package at an extremely affordable £19.99/month through to our pipe-busting 4MB service.

Bulldog’s Summer Madness Broadband Promotion - 2Mb broadband for only £24.99!!(ex VAT) per month

Bulldog is now offering more broadband services to more locations at some of the lowest prices in UK - including our unbeatable Summer Madness PrimeTime 2000 offer.

We have also just expanded the reach of our outstanding AllTime and PrimeTime broadband services to now include Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham and Cambridge as well as London.

Offering the UK’s most comprehensive range of residential broadband services (from 512Kbps to 1Mb, 2Mb, 4Mb and now 6Mb), Bulldog’s services include:

  • AllTime: Highly affordable 24/7 broadband access. Starting at just £19.99/mth for 512Kbps with 1Mb at just £27.99/mth! (2Mb and 6Mb also available).
  • PrimeTime: A unique service offering maximum bandwidth at off-peak hours and standard broadband during work-time hours.
Order before 1st September 2003 and get PrimeTime 2000 for the price of PrimeTime 1000, that’s a 2Mb service for just £24.99 ex-VAT per month. (4Mb and 6Mb services also available).