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About Boys Stuff

Our mission when we started Boys Stuff is still unchanged today; to escape boredom and drudgery through toys. Clever and unusual toys, backed by a company that wants to treat people like we want to be treated.

The idea for Boys Stuff was born in 1997 when we were partaking in one of England's finer past times, (a Curry and several pints of Lager).

Since those Curry and Lager days we've grown quite a bit. At Boys Stuff we're on a mission to eradicate the things we hate about some high street companies, like those extended warranties they frighten you into buying, (the ones that cost half the price of the product you're buying and you never, ever use) and the ridiculously high prices they charge for the necessary accessories like batteries. Our aim is great stuff at fair prices.

We might be accused of giving two fingers to established ways of making money (i.e. trickery) but that's about right. We'd rather try to please ourselves and those who have the same values, then fail, than never to try at all, (someone famous said something similar).

We hope we serve you well.